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Leather Vests

Leather Vests

We manufacture Leather Vests for your brand.

Resell as your branded product…

The leather biking Vests have been a useful accessory for riding the bikes in the summer. These super stunning and brilliant Leather Motorcycle Vests differ from the other jackets because it is being made up of the most reliable full grain leather. People who love to enjoy riding should keep the most stunning yet trendy products with them to upgrade their riding swag. One of them is the leather biking vests.

Customisation Experience

Shopington provides 100% customised leather biking vests in order to give a touch of a thrill to your biking experience. Now, no more worries about getting the right wear for the biking. We provide range of colours, sizes, materials and also the designs.

Designing of Leather Vests

The Leather Motorcycle Vests is itself extraordinary and damn stylish. The availability of these in the brilliant and captivating colors make it the mesmerizing and the most delightful product. We manufacture the leather motorcycle vests with cowhide full grain leather to ensure the durability of this product. It comes with the Zip as well as buttons to ensure the comfort as demanded by the riders. These are resistant to water, heat, dirt, dust, fire, and abrasions.

Leather Vests Ensuring the Maximum Comfort

Padded covering inside the vests provides you a great sense of comfort. It prevents your body from any kind of injury during the ride you face while riding on rough paths. It also keeps your body warm in the chilly weather.  It is available in a number of sizes. Get it in the size which suits you the best. Shopington offers an exclusive and extensive range of leather motorcycle vests to the bike lovers at the most economical price. You may also enjoy the mega discounts on the purchase of bulk orders. The minimum quantity of the products to be purchased is of 50 pieces.