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Processing your orders with Shopington had never been this easier! Understanding the terms and conditions can help us strengthen our B2B relationship.

General Terms and Conditions

Reputed for its smooth and efficient business processes, Shopington is known to have served hundreds and thousands of clients from all over the world. We stand out by offering top quality products and smooth B2B communication opportunities to ensure transparency in our operations.

Advance Payment

Shopington believes in safe and secure payment systems. Therefore, we recommend advance payment option to all our clients for smooth and transparent dealing. We entertain our clients with sample product trial before placement of the order.

Mutual Consent

At Shopington, we strictly believe in earning the satisfaction of our valued clients. This is the reason that we place the orders only after agreeing upon the quality, quantity and other details of the products. Our pricing strategy is simple. We have mentioned the minimum order limit with each product. The discount deals start from our recommended minimum orders. However, we entertain out clients by manufacturing goods lesser than the recommended minimum orders. The prices could vary which is why, we ensure to initiate the business and place an order only after receiving mutual consent from both parties. Our minimum order quantity placement allows you to save money!

Damage Policy

We have a careful damage policy at Shopington. The damaged products cannot be returned if the client is found guilty of intentional damage.

Order Quantity

We recommend the placement of at least minimum order quantity, mentioned under each product. However, we entertain the orders of fewer products at varied prices. Once the client has confirmed the order and we have started working on it, the order cannot be cancelled. However, if a client needs to cancel the order after confirmation due to any reason, the client is bound to pay the cost of materials purchased and other related costs until then.

Returns and Refunds

The order cannot be cancelled once Shopington has started working on it after your confirmation. We have a strict refund and return policy, which is functional only if the products were damaged at the time of dispatch from Shopington warehouses. We do not entertain refunds and returns in any other scenario.

Sample Terms and Conditions

Shopington values the needs and requirements of its clients. This is why; we entertain our clients by providing them product samples before placing the bulk orders. The samples are non-returnable, and are considered our expression of gratitude to our valued clients.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

At Shopington, we take pride in offering fastest and most economical shipping solutions to our clients. We ensure that the products are, neither damaged nor lost, during the shipping process. We use Fedex, UPS and DHL courier services for shipping the orders to the determined destination of our clients. Our data management systems have obtained the cost calculators of top courier service providers so that we can offer you the prospective shipping cost at the time of order placement. We also track your orders constantly, and keep you updated. We share the tracking number of order with our clients to ensure their satisfaction.

Clients living in any other state or country need to get their orders cleared from the customs department, and pay the duties, if any. Once shipped, the orders cannot be cancelled or returned.

We have an in-house packing system, which uses highest quality carts to pack your orders, while ensuring the safest and earliest transportation to your desired destination.