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When it comes to your Workman wallet, security is paramount, and we know there’s no better way to embrace that easy-rider mentality than to venture confidentially with your trusty companion tethered securely to the belt-loop of your dungarees.

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The Braided Tether is handmade in our Randolph workshop and incorporates a traditional four-strand sennit of either Natural or Meridian English bridle leather that’s been precisely hand braided around a steel chain for added security and ease of mind. We finished it with dual brass hardware clasps and carefully edge painted each strand by hand for a polished look that’s light on bells ‘n’ whistles and heavy on dependability and function. The Braided Tether is compatible with our Workman wallet (sold separately). Tether measures: 17” (leather only) and 21.5” from end-to-end.

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